Course Lecturers Title Field Level
1 George Metcalfe and Rosalie Iemhoff Admissible Rules LoCo (I)
2 Henriette de Swart and Bert Le Bruyn Weak Referentiality: research methods in cross-linguistic semantics LaLo (F)
3 Jirka Hana and Anna Feldman Computational Morphology LaCo (I)
4 Joshua Sack Reasoning with Probabilities LoCo (A)
5 Michael Franke and Elliott Wagner Language and Games LaLo (A)
6 Oleg Kiselyov and Chungchieh Shan Lambda: the ultimate syntax-semantics interface LaCo (A)
Course Id Lecturers Title Field Level
7 Chris Cummins and Jan De Ruiter Computational approaches to the pragmatics problem LaCo (I)
8 Daniel Altshuler and Hana Filip Aspect: From Verb to Discourse LaLo (A)
9 Daniel Lassiter and Noah Goodman Probability in Semantics and Pragmatics LaLo (I)
10 Fabio Mogavero and Aniello Murano Strategic Reasoning LoCo (A)
11 Gerald Penn Text-to-Speech Synthesis LaCo (F)
12 Jan Broersen Logics for (Artificial) Agency LoCo (I)
16 Claire Beyssade and Alda Mari Genericity LaLo (I)
Course Lecturers Title Field Level
13 Andrew Fish and Alexander Heußner Why diagrammatic proofs are sometimes worth 1000 formulae: an Introduction to Formal Diagrammatic Reasoning Systems LoCo (I)
14 Camilo Thorne Semantic Complexity of Aggregate Noun Phrases LaLo (A)
17 Hans-Christian Schmitz and Henk Zeevat Workshop on Bayesian Natural Language Semantics and Pragmatics LaCo (W)
18 William Starr and Sarah Murray Speech Acts LaLo (I)
49 Hubie Chen Constraint Satisfaction: Complexity and Consistency LoCo (I)
50 Janina Rado and Gert Webelhuth Non-canonical constructions LaCo (I)
Course Lecturers Title Field Level
15 Carl Pollard Introduction to Linear Categorial Grammar LaLo (A)
19 Anton Benz and Katja Jasinskaja Discourse Coherence, Information Structure, and Implicatures LaLo (W)
20 Bijan Parsia and Pavel Klinov Practical Reasoning for Description Logics LoCo (F)
21 Donka Farkas and Floris Roelofsen Questions, Assertions, and Hybrids in an Inquisitive Discourse Model LaLo (I)
23 Robert Levine and Manfred Sailer Lexical Resource Semantics: Where empirical grounding meets computational tractability in the syntax/semantics interface LaCo (I)
24 Umberto Rivieccio and Achim Jung From bilattices to d-frames LoCo (A)
Course Lecturers Title Field Level
25 Ani Nenkova Affect processing in text and speech LaCo (A)
26 Hans Kamp Psychological Reality of Semantic Theories LaLo (I)
27 Philippe Balbiani Spatial logics LoCo (A)
28 Sandra Kübler and Markus Dickinson Extrinsic Parse Improvement LaCo (W)
29 Stefan Müller An Introduction to Grammar Development LaCo (F)
30 Valentin Goranko Logics for multi-agent systems and strategic reasoning LoCo (I)
Course Lecturers Title Field Level
31 Asad Sayeed Grammar-based approaches to opinion mining LaCo (A)
32 Denys Duchier and Yannick Parmentier High-level Methodologies for Grammar Engineering LaCo (W)
34 Marta R. Costa-Jussà and Mireia Farrús The role of linguistics in Statistical Machine Translation LaCo (I)
35 Roy Cook and Sean Walsh Abstraction Principles: Their Mathematical Strength, Linguistic Underpinnings, and Philosophical Applications LaLo (A)
36 Thomas Schneider and Dirk Walther Modularity in Ontologies LoCo (I)
37 Ulle Endriss Logic and Social Choice Theory LoCo (F)
45 Heather Burnett and Daniel Lassiter Gradability, Scale Structure, and Vagueness LaLo (I)
Course Lecturers Title Field Level
38 Eric Pacuit and Wes Holliday Ten Puzzles and Paradoxes about Knowledge and Belief LaLo (F)
39 Giorgio Satta Everything you always wanted to know about parsing LaCo (A)
40 Nina Gierasimczuk Belief Revision Meets Formal Learning Theory LoCo (I)
41 Robert Levine and Yusuke Kubota Empirical Foundations for Hybrid Type-logical Categorial Grammar LaLo (A)
44 Barbora Hladka and Martin Holub A Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning in NLP using R LaCo (I)
46 Philippe Balbiani and Cigdem Gencer Unification in description logics and modal logics LoCo (A)
Course Lecturers Title Field Level
22 Reut Tsarfaty Introduction to Parsing Morphologically Rich Languages LaCo (A)
33 Hanoch Ben-Yami The Truth Value Approach to Logic LaLo (I)
42 Wojtek Jamroga and Leon Van Der Torre Reasoning for Agreement Technologies LoCo (A)
43 Alexander Koller and Marco Kuhlmann Tree Automata and Tree Transducers in Parsing and Translation LaCo (A)
47 Ulle Endriss and Eric Pacuit Logical Models of Group Decision Making LoCo (W)
48 Yoad Winter Formal Semantics of Natural Language LaLo (F)