People from Düsseldorf are typically proud of their Altstadt (old town) district being known as “die längste Theke der Welt” (the longest bar in the world) all across the country (and beyond). The name stems from the plethora of pubs and bars neighbouring each other in a relatively small area. The list below only gives you a hint of how many and how diverse pubs you are able to encounter there. As to be expected from such a pub-packed city, Düsseldorf has its own set of breweries, which all brew and serve their own interpretation of the local Altbier, a dark reddish, top-fermented, bitter yet sweet beer, which is to some extend reminiscent of ale.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so please feel free to browse around to find a place that suits your gustatory demands. The places are also bookmarked on the ESSLLI map.

nameadresscity quarterrestaurant/club/pub/bar/...price levelmusic
Brauerei UerigeBergerstr. 1Altstadttavern/brewhouse<6 (snacks)
Im Goldenen KesselBolkerstr. 44Altstadttavern/brewhouse<12
Brauerei Zum SchlüsselBolkerstr. 45Altstadttavern/brewhouse<12
Tir Na NógBolkerstr. 55Altstadtirish pubrock
Salon des AmateursGrabbeplatz 4Altstadtclubhouse
Brauerei Zum SchiffchenHafenstr. 5Altstadttavern/brewhouse<20
Fatty'sHunsrückenstr. 13Altstadtirish pub
Melody BarKurze Str. 12Altstadtcocktail bar
SchaukelstühlchenKurze Str. 16Altstadtpubrock/alternative
Brauerei KürzerKurze Str. 18Altstadtbrewhouse
Q-StallKurze Str. 3Altstadtclubsoul/rock/rockabilly
The TubeKurze Str. 9Altstadtclubrock/alternative/punk
KneipeLiefergasse 1Altstadtpubrock
Papidou'xLiefergasse 7Altstadtpubmetal
O'Reilly'sMarktplatz 6Altstadtirish pub
SchickimickiNeustr. 51Altstadtclubrock/electro
StoneRatinger Str. 10Altstadtclubrock, alternative, rock'n'roll
Zur UelRatingerstr. 16Altstadttavern<20
Ohme JuppRatingerstr. 19Altstadttavern<20
Brauerei Im FüchschenRatingerstr. 28Altstadttavern/brewhouse<20
TiggesBrunnenstr. 1Bilktavern<12
Scotti'sChristophstr. 2Bilkpub<12
Lot JonnKopernikusstr. 94Bilkpub<12rock
AbraxasMerowingerstr. 16Bilkpubclassic rock
Bar AlexandraMerowingerstr. 18Bilkcocktail barlounge music/latin
Die BlendeFriedrichstr. 122Friedrichstadtpubrock/metal
KassetteFlügelstraße 58Oberbilkbar
Brauerei FrankenheimWielandstr. 16Pempelforttavern/brewhouse<12
The AtticKönigsallee 1Stadtmitteclubelectro/hip hop
Brauerei SchumacherOststr. 123Stadtmittetavern/brewhouse<12
Café-Bar ModiglianiWissmannstr. 6Unterbilktavern<12

Information: This list has been stripped of some information in order to fit the page. Here you can find a more thorough list of food & nightlife recommendations (XLSX). The entries in the column labelled price level regard food not beverage prices.