Can I attend ESSLLI/Conference on Formal Grammar simply as a listener (i.e. if I do not present a paper)?
Of course! This is a summer school, so the point is to participate and learn something.

Can I attend ESSLLI – the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information – even if I am not European?
Of course! We are extremely happy to welcome participants from all over the world. The European in ESSLLI means that it takes place in Europe, as opposed to NASSLLI for example.

What is the general level of the courses?
There are three levels, Foundational, Introductory and Advanced. These indicate mainly how much background is presupposed in the relevant field of the course. But as ESSLLI is also a research oriented summer school, the general level of teaching is rather high.

Can I take ECTS points for courses at ESSLLI?
First of all, ESSLLI cannot give any ECTS points itself, because the accreditation is bound to a university, and ESSLLI is moving every year. But you can negotiate with your university whether they will give you a certain amount of ECTS points for attending ESSLLI, for example 2 for one week of ESSLLI – that is the way the university of Düsseldorf proceeds.

What are the important deadlines?
Early bird registration ends on June 15 June 22; if you register after this date, it will cost you 70 (student) or 90 (non-student) Euros more. The second important deadline is May 10 June 4: we have a reservation on the Düsseldorf City Hostel, which we have to cancel or pay by this date. So before this date, we can offer you cheap accommodation in the City Hostel. After this date, we cannot guarantee it any more, and you will have to take care for accommodation on your own. We will also list important dates here.

Are there any grants for covering expenses, and how can I apply for them?
There are grants. See here for more information.

Can I register for the Conference on Formal Grammar without registering for ESSLLI?

When are the course descriptions going to be online?
I ask that question frequently to myself. Let’s say it might take a while. Course abstracts are online now! See the program.

Is there a reduced fee for attending ESSLLI just one week?

Is there a cheap accommodation provided by ESSLLI?
Yes, we have reservations in the City Hostel. You book it during the registration process. There might still be beds available.

Can I book the hostel just for one week?