To confirm your online pre-registration for an excursion, come to the excursion desk on-site on Monday (05.08.) or Tuesday (06.08.) and pay the participation fee. From Wednesday (07.08.) on, the remaining (non-confirmed) places will be available for booking for everybody else.

Attention: The Tour de Rhine will take place on Saturday (instead of Sunday as it was announced)!

Saturday 10.08.: Neanderthal

Enjoy a short trip into the distant past. Well, in fact into the very, very distant past.  We are going to explore the life and fate of the Homo neanderthalensis whose fossile remains were first discovered in a small valley of the same name close to Düsseldorf. There we will be visiting the exceptional local museum, which will take us through the history of the Neanderthals and the genus of hominids. Moreover we plan to visit the finding place of the fossile remains, and to let you manufacture your own stone knife! Finally, the Neanderthal valley offers itself as an idyllic setting for a summer walk or a picnic—next to Tarpans, Wisents and Aurochs.

Start: 11:30 a.m. at Düsseldorf main station, platform 13 (S28 to Mettmann)
End: 04:00 p.m.
Costs:  13 € (additionally 0-5 € for public transport)
(max. 60 persons)

Saturday 10.08.: Benrath Palace

A few kilometers to the south of Düsseldorf, a true Gesamtkunstwerk of Rococo architecture and garden art unfolds on a terrain next to the riverside of the Rhine. In the 18th century, Schloss Benrath served as a haven for the  Electoral Palatinate in order to recover from the stressful life in the capital. Nowadays the spacious gardens of this candidate for a UNESCO World Heritage Site are open to  everyone. Unlike the public, however, you will be granted acess to the Corp de Logis, the main building. Furthermore we plan to explore its “secret rooms” with you, namely the hidden corridors and chambers that were designed for making the servants invisible for their masters. A truely surprising insight into this glamorous place.

Start: 11:35 a.m. at the entrance of Düsseldorf main station (in front of the book shop on the right)
End: ca. 04:00 p.m.
Costs:  11 € (additionally 0-5 € for public transport)
(max. 50 persons)

Saturday 10.08.: Tour de Rhine

Do you need a time-out from the big city´s bustle and noise? Experience the peaceful nature and pittoresque sights of the Rhine area by canoe! Our tour starts at Neuss and while we´re paddling along the Erft you can enjoy the silence and beauty of the surrounding landscape. The river is appropriate for beginners and experts; there are a few rapids which are playspots for kayakists, too. After approx. 1,5 hours we make a lunch break and after that we will reach the river Rhine. The tour ends at the Düsseldorfer Medienhafen where you may enjoy the rest of the evening in one of the small cafes or Kneipen at the Gehry Buildings or in the Altstadt.

Start: 01:00 p.m. at Bilk S-Bahnhof, on track 1/2
To reach Bilk S-Bahnhof from the City Hostel, take bus 835 (destination D-Holthausen), e.g. at 12:44 p.m. From Hotel Flora/Auszeit, take the tram 707 (destination Rath S), e.g. at the very latest at 12:58.
End: ca. 06:00 p.m.
Costs: 37 € including lunch and transportation
(max. 40 persons)

Sunday 11.08.: Tour de Ruhr

Coal and cash: this excursion will take you to the social, cultural and also scenic extremes of the Ruhr area, Germany’s former industrial heart. First we will visit Zeche Zollverein, which used to be one of the largest coal mines and coking plants in Europe. Nowadays a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a monument for the industrial past, it has also turned into a center for modern art with diverse exhibitions and events. After being guided through this steely cathedral, you will be taken to another symbol of German industrialization, which couldn’t differ more. Situated on the back of a hill, overlooking the valley of the river Ruhr, Villa Hügel used to be the aristocratic residence of the Krupp family, one of the defining dynasties of entrepreneurs in Germany for more than a century. You will be guided through its famous architecture and collections. Finally there will be time to stroll around in the spacious gardens surrounding Villa Hügel.

For the guided tour at Zeche Zollverein you need sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothes.

Start: 09:50 a.m. at the entrance of Düsseldorf main station (in front of the book shop on the right)
End: ca. 06:00 p.m.
Costs: 29 € including transportation
(max. 40 Persons)