On this page you can find a list of restaurants and diners between Campus and Altstadt/city center (Stadtmitte). This list is by no means exhaustive, so please feel free to browse around to find a place that suits your gustatory demands. The places are also bookmarked on the ESSLLI map.

nameadresscity quarterrestaurant/club/pub/bar/...vegetarian/vegan?price level
Libanon RestaurantBerger Str. 19Altstadtrestaurantyes>20
Libanon ExpressBerger Str. 21Altstadtdineryes<12
Baan ThaiBerger Str. 28Altstadtrestaurantyes<20
LupoBolkerstr. 52Altstadtrestaurantyes, vegetarian<12
PulcinellaRatinger Str. 4Altstadtrestaurantyes, vegetarian<12
Las TapasSchneider-Wibbel-Gasse 4Altstadtrestaurant>20
El GitanoSchneider-Wibbel-Gasse 7Altstadtrestaurant<20
ManTheiBachstr. 1Bilkrestaurant/sushi baryes<20
Gallo NeroBinterimstr. 27Bilkrestaurant>20
Dim Sum GourmetBrunnenstr. 13Bilkrestaurant/dineryes<12
Miss MoneypennyBrunnenstr. 2aBilkcafe/baryes<12
Cape TownBrunnenstr. 43Bilkrestaurant/bar<12
SubwayChristophstr. 59Bilkdineryes, vegetarian<12
Jade ImbissDürener Str. 42Bilkdineryes<12
Piccola ErgoHimmelgeister Str. 108Bilkpizza parloryes<12
WeiseHimmelgeister Str. 117Bilkrestaurant<20
Ugly DeluxeKarolingerstr. 80Bilkbar/loungeyes<12
KucciKopernikusstr. 82Bilkrestaurantyes<12
StellaMerowingerstr. 19Bilkdineryes<12
Bella ItaliaMoorenstr. 68Bilkrestaurantyes<6 (lunch)
Haus SuitbertusSuitbertusstr. 193Bilkrestaurant<20
Mensa Süd21.11Campus
Café Bistro Uno21.11Campusrestaurant/cafe/bistro
Cafeteria Med. Fakultät22.02Campuscafeteria
Cafeteria Math.-Nat.-Fakultät25.31Campuscafeteria
Mensa Math.-Nat.-Fakultät („Schweinemensa“)25.31Campus
Cafeteria ExLibrisnext to the libraryCampuscafeteria
DestilleBilker Str. 46Carlstadtbistroyes (esp. Thursdays)<12
Pssst BandidoAdersstr. 46Friedrichstadtrestaurantyes<20
CemoBilker Allee 178Friedrichstadtdineryes<12
Allo SushiFredrichstr. 118Friedrichstadtrestaurantyes<12
MekongFredrichstr. 121Friedrichstadtrestaurantyes<12
Mario'sFredrichstr. 125Friedrichstadtrestaurant/bistro<20
MengwasserFriedrichstr. 115aFriedrichstadtcafe/bistro/pubyes<12
Khan's LillyFriedrichstr. 132Friedrichstadtrestaurantyes<12
PegasosKirchfeldstr. 50Friedrichstadtrestaurantyes, vegetarian<12
Il Mercato PastahausFriedrichstr. 59aFriedrichstadtrestaurantyes<12
SeoulKlosterstr. 45Stadtmitterestaurantyes<12
GaneshaLuisenstr. 3Friedrichstadtrestaurant/dineryes<12
Mongo'SZollhof 10Hafenrestaurantyes<20
dreiRaumVolksgartenstr. 15Oberbilkbistroyes<12
Tsun-GaiBahnstr. 72Stadtmitterestaurant<20
ToykioImmermannstr. 18Stadtmittecafeyes, vegetarian<12
OkiniiImmermannstr. 35Stadtmitterestaurantyes<20 (lunch, all you can eat)
RosengartenKarlstr. 76Stadtmitterestaurant?
KikakuKlosterstr. 38Stadtmitterestaurant<20
Naniwa Sushi & MoreKlosterstr. 68aStadtmitterestaurantyes<20
Naniwa Noodles & SoupsOststr. 55Stadtmitterestaurantyes<20
ArirangStresemannstr. 46Stadtmitterestaurant<20
Casita MexicanaBilker Allee 128Unterbilkrestaurant<12
FlorabarKronenstr. 65 (inside Flora garden)Unterbilkcafe<12
Nudeln & CoKronenstraße 63Unterbilkrestaurantyes, vegetarian<12

Info for veg(etari)ans: We tried to find out for every restaurant whether it serves any sort of vegetarian or vegan dishes. We did not succeed in every case, though. Here, yes means, that there is at least one vegan meal listed on their menu (and be it pasta with tomato sauce), while yes, vegetarian means that there is at least one vegetarian but not necessarily vegan meal listed. In many cases, though, restaurants will try to serve you a dish suited for your needs if asked. So, please consider this list as neither complete nor correct, but as nonetheless helpful.

Due to lack of horizontal space, this list has been pruned to list the most essential information. If you click here, you will find a more thorough list of food & nightlife recommendations (XLSX).